Exploring The Sporades Islands


A collection of small islands, some of them uninhabited. Most part of the area have been declared as National Marine Park since 1922. The geographic isolation, the limited degree of human interference and the excellent environment make Sporades an ideal habitat for many threatened species of plants and animals. The wind usually blows gently, all year round. The distances among the islands are short and their friendly atmosphere combines both tranquility and cosmopolitan life. The sunlight of the Aegean embraces the crystal clear waters and the green land, with scented pine hills. In many places, the shadow of the trees touches the sea.

Some interesting places (in alphabetical order)


The island has been inhabited since prehistoric times, when it was still part of the mainland. The oldest findings are tools and petrified bones from the Stone Age and they are possibly the oldest findings indicating human settlement in the Aegean. The pines and fruit-trees that cover the island as well as the beaches, both rocky and golden sand, are an attraction for visitors. Top quality fish and lobsters are an added culinary attraction of the island. The neighbouring secluded islets provide refuge to Mediterranean Seals.

Ayios Konstantinos

A popular summer resort, with white sandy beaches and convenient access from Athens airport.


A beautiful town that perfectly combines the sea and the mountain, and also creates a charming environment. Mineral spring fountains, rich vegetation, crystal clear waters and sandy beaches make it the ideal place for a stopover on the way from Sporades to Athens. The Venetian castle that was built in 14th century, the fresh sea food and the delicious local wine are also some of the local attractions.


Peristera (Dove) took its name from its shape. Although the island was inhabited during prehistoric times, today there are only two shepherds' houses, one in the north and the other in the south. Contrary to its small size, the island has a number of excellent beaches.


One more uninhabited island, the northern of the Sporades, lying within the zone of the National Marine Park. The island constitutes a protected monument of the nature and any kind of fishing is prohibited in a range of 3 nautical miles. The island represents the best and main refuge for Mediterranean Seals.


The smallest but most cosmopolitan and developed island of the Sporades, with an atmosphere similar to Mykonos, Corfu and Rhodes. The island has only one settlement, Skiathos Town, which is the port and the capital. The rest of the island consists of beautiful beaches, churches, archaeological sites, many supermarkets, villas, restaurants and numerous large hotels. It is ideal for people looking for exciting nightlife, shopping, crowded beaches, great fun and entertainment in the "Greek" way. The island is totally green and the beaches are splendid, most famous of which is Koukounaries.


The island is characterized by its long beaches and coves surrounded by pine tree forests and offering crystal blue or emerald waters. Most of the beaches are located on the south-west coasts, most famous of them are Panormos and Milia. No doubt Panormos bay is the nicest in East Mediterranean. The town of Skopelos, the most colorful in the Aegean, is full of bars and tavernas and can be visited either directly by yacht or by taxi from the small harbour of Agnondas in a just few minutes.


The largest and most southestern of the Sporades. The "Chora" (*) which is built in the slope of a hill is characterized by the white cubist houses, the flat roofs and the carved wood-doors. The island is famous for its ceramics, embroidery and furniture. A herd of wild ponies roam free on the island. The Greek mythology periodically mentions the island, however the castle reminds us also of the presence of Venetians as well. Generally, the island will positively impress the visitor who will never forget it.


A stopover bay on the way to Athens, for swimming in clear waters, under the Temple of Poseidon the columns of which (5th century BC) are visible from the sea.

Trikeri Bay

A deep bay on the right side of Volos Gulf, with a small fishing traditional village that offers spectacular scenery.

Some indicative cruises

1st day A.Konstantinos - Oreoi 19
2nd day Trikeri - Skiathos 24
3rd day Skiathos - Skopelos 10
4th day Skopelos - Alonissos 11
5th day Alonissos - Peristera 07
6th day Peristera - Skyros 38
7th day Skyros - Karystos 62
8th day Karystos - Sounion & Athens 53

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