About Greece


The Name of the country

Although mostly known as Greece, Greeks call their country "Hellas" and themselves as "Hellenes". The name of Hellas (ΕΛΛΑΣ, Ελλάς) derives from Hellene, the head of the Greek race, who, according to the tradition, was born by the ancient gods Zeus and Pyrra. Defkalion and Prometheus also claimed to be his father.

A brief history of Hellas (Greece)

The ancient Greece (Years: 4000 BC - 300 AD)
Many of the human values of the modern Western World were born and grew in this corner of the earth. In the "State of Athens", Pericles established the first democracy ever reported.
Aristotle (the teacher of Alexander the Great) and Socrates (father of stoic philosophy) are only two of the many significant philosophers of ancient Greece.
The poets of Homer and the satiric or tragical theatrical plays by Aristophanes, Sophocles, Evripides, Aeschylus and others still touch the culture of the modern audience, all around the world.
The visitor to Greece can still admire works of art by ancient architects like Iktinos, sculptors like Praxitelis and so many others.
Hippocrates on the island of Kos and Asclipios on the mainland are the pioneers of modern medical science.
Mathematician Pythagoras, who gave his theorems to the world, was born on the island of Samos during that time.
After all, it cannot be considered just a coincidence that the Olympic Games were also born in the ancient Greek city of Olympia in 776 BC.
The gods Zeus, Apollo, Athena and the hero Hercules, are some of those who express the ancient Greek mythology.

Τhe Byzantine & Medieval period (300 - 1453)
After the invasion of Greece by Romans, it was the time for Christianity to spread, mainly through Greek, the only language commonly known at the time among the populations of East Mediterranean Sea. Then, the Roman Empire split into two parts. The new (east) part of the Empire became a new state named Byzantine. It consisted mainly of Greek population and the new capital city named Constantinople. The state of Byzantine lasted for approximately 10 centuries i.e. until 1453 when Ottoman Turks invaded Constantinople and renamed it Istanbul. Soon after they invaded the rest of the country.

The recent history (1453 - 21st century)
In 1821 the Greeks started a revolution against the Turks and Greece became an independent country in 1830. Nowadays part of Byzantine, including Constantinople (Istanbul) is mainly inhabited by Muslims and is part of Turkey's territory.

Greece today

The Greeks speak the same, but simplified language with their ancient ancestors. Most of them speak English and some of them other foreign languages as well. The population consists of 11 million people, the majority of which are Orthodox Christians and the capital city is Athens with 4.5 million people. Greece has been the 10th member of the European Union since 1979 and the National currency is the Euro. The modern Olympic Games revived in Athens in 1896 and their most successful recent organization was also held in "Athens 2004". Greece covers 132,000 Sq. Km of land, a large part of which consists of about 2,000 islands and islets.

2,000 islands set in a paradise of sun and sea, in a perfect weather.From April to October, or even the beginning of November, the temperature is around 25º C and reaches 35º C in July and August. The warm deep blue waters along with the bright and blue Greek sky complete the frame of a unique and endless picture.

2,000 islands dotted with countless picturesque and unspoiled bays, tranquil places for ideal relaxing, traditional houses and churches, windmills, but also harbors and villages with their famous cosmopolitan life that never stops, day and night.

2,000 islands each one with a distinctive personality and character.

2,000 islands with much more than 2,000 years of history, culture and science.

2,000 islands for you to explore and enjoy onboard our yachts as no other place in the world concentrates so many spectacular settings.

Either on the mainland, or on some of the 175 inhabited islands, warm-hearted people will welcome you with a sincere smile.

The weather

Yachting in Greece runs from April to October or early November with an extensive variety of options, since the Greek waters offer an endless number of islands to be visited.

The cruising plan

Thousands of islands lie close to each other, separated in individual clusters, each one entirely different from the others, yet all intrinsically Greek in nature.
The places presented in this brochure, in an alphabetical sequence are indicative only and based on our long experience in the waters of Greece as well as the comments of our clients. Either you wish to extend your stay in a place or just to change your daily program, the friendly and hospitable Greeks, most of whom speak English, will make you feel as comfortable as in your hometown. Nine thousand (9,000!!) miles of coast line wait for you.


Greek cuisine is the meeting point of tastes from East and West. It consists of a delicious and extensive diversity of traditional tastes supplemented by a selection of foreign cuisine.
The delicious Greek cuisine is based on the most natural and fresh ingredients.
Fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, virgin olive oil, "feta (the Greek white goat cheese), bee honey and yogurt are some of them. Mezedes (the Greek traditional snacks) are also widely used as starters and accompanied by the excellent local wines or the local favorite "ouzo.
When talking about seafood in Greece, no doubt you will enjoy the most tasteful red mullet in the world, the famous Aegean lobsters, tuna, swordfish and so many others. "Kakavia is also a traditional soup made from fish and mainly served as a first course.

Night life

It's true that Greek islands never sleep.
The excitement starts when the sun goes down. Little bars viewing the sea, night clubs with world famous DJs, live traditional Greek night spots with ethnic and/or "bouzouki music where you will experience the breaking of plates.

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